Selecting that perfect wig or hairpiece

There is more to selecting a Wig or Hairpiece than just by color or style.

 Here's four Important Tips on Selecting the Right Wig or Hairpiece

1. Get Proper Measurements.

Just trying on different wigs or hairpieces and selecting what feels good may not be in your best interest. Just like buying shoes or a good bra, you should have your head measured, I will measure your head to insure a proper and long lasting, comfortable fit.

2.  Examine The Underside Of The Wig Or Hairpiece

Most women will select a wig or hairpiece based on the hair style and color, just to find it scratchy and rough on the scalp. I will show you all the important features of a wig or hairpiece. Particularly if you are going through medical treatment, your scalp may become extremely sensitive. Make sure the inside is soft and that no seams will rub and irritate your scalp or that the hairpiece fits secure and comfortable with either clips or tape.

3.  The Cut Is Where The Real Magic Is

The last thing you want is for a wig or hairpiece to look like a wig or hairpiece! If you are buying a wig or hairpiece that is customized or right out of the box, your wig or hairpiece should look natural and seamless like real growing hair. The secret is in the customized cut, thinned out, styled and many times colored to compliment your face and life style.

4.  Is It A Wig Or A Hairpiece That You Need

So often when experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, a woman will resort to a wig and not knowing that there are other options for her.  Call me for your free consultation to learn what options are best for you. There are so many more options for women today: Scalp treatments, Laser Hair Therapy, Top of the head hairpieces that may fit your lifestyle and type of hair loss.