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Custom Hair Pieces

Whether you’re just beginning to experience thinning hair or are progressing toward severe hair loss, New Beginnings By Dodi can create an individually customized solution just for you. Customized hair pieces will give your hair the natural-looking fullness, volume and length you’ve been missing.


 I understand how important having beautiful looking hair is to a woman’s image and self-confidence. My customized methods of hair enhancement utilizes healthy human hair or the highest quality synthetics for added volume and length for women seeking more fullness for women with hair loss.


Beautiful, natural and undetectable. These are some of the words my clients use to describe their customized hair piece.


There are many more causes of hair loss in women than what men experience.


Naples Wig, Hairpiece and Hair Salon

Choosing the right wig can be a challenge and very overwhelming, your reason for a wig can be for many reasons, chemotherapy treatments, alopecia, medications, thyroid or age. The good news is no one will be able to tell if you are wearing a wig, if you have always wanted a different style or color, there couldn't be a better time to try. Although many women did not choose to wear a wig by choice, there are many unexpected benefits that will give a new beginning of self confidence of their new look or the authentic look they are used to prior to hair loss.

A Word About Hair Loss


—Medical hair loss is usually caused by such treatments as chemotherapy, or by medical conditions such as alopecia.

Hair loss may also be from certain medications, stress, heredity and age.


—Alopecia requires a longer-term solution. There are several forms of alopecia. One type is commonly referred to as male pattern baldness, although women can experience it, too. Alopecia areata results in patches of baldness.

Female pattern hair loss or thinning hair can be painful and embarrassing. Forty million women in the United States suffer from genetic hair loss between the ages of 25 to 45 that’s almost 1 in 5.


There are many more causes of hair loss in women

To understand what exactly causes a woman to lose her hair, it’s important to know a little about how hair grows.

The average woman is born with about 100,000 hair follicles on her head, which she keeps for the rest of her life. Most women with healthy hair lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day that will grow back on its own. But if you’re one of the 30 million women in America who experience hair loss you may be losing more than 150 hairs a day; hair that doesn’t grow back as thick and healthy as it once was, or may not grow back at all. The cycle of hair growth and loss is in four phases which are;

  • Anagen (Growing Phase) The growing phase last two to seven years and determines the length of our hair.

  • Catagen (Transition Phase) This the transitional stage that lasts about ten days. The hair follicle shrinks
    and detaches from the dermal papilla.

  • Telogen (Resting Phase) This is the resting phase which lasts around three months. Around 10 percent of
    hairs are in this phase. While the old hair is resting, a new hair begins the growth phase.

  • Exogen (New Hair Phase) This is part of the resting phase where the old hair sheds and a new hair continues
    to grow. Approximately 50-175 hairs can fall out daily, this is considered to be normal hair shedding.


Solutions You Can Live With

  • —A wig or hairpiece is the perfect way to replace hair as authentically as possible.

  • —In selecting a wig or hairpiece, I will make sure you get a great fit, a comfortable feel, a style that’s fashionable, and a look that is authentically you.

  • I also provide insurance billing guidance to help offset the cost of your hair replacement along with the necessary claim forms.

Scalp and Hair Analysis is a great tool to determine what products are best suited for your hair and scalp, call for your appointment today at 239-571-2540