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Chemotherapy and Hair Loss


There is no way around it, managing your life with cancer or other medical hair loss reasons has a great number of challenges. Some you can control or manage but others you cannot. For several individuals, the worst thing about chemotherapy is the thought of losing your hair. Understanding the process and being prepared for hair loss is half the battle. It is important to know that your hair will grow back starting about three weeks after the final treatment. Your family and friends will be your most valued support system through your journey.

The effects of chemo is different for everyone, some people will lose their hair while others many not see much hairloss.


You may feel more in control of your hair loss by cutting your hair very short or shaving it off alltogether. This often makes the hair loss less traumatic and easier to manage when your hair begins to fall out and is all over the house. I do provide free haircuts for patients going through their chemo hairloss to help with managing the sensitivity you experience while it is falling out. 


Without your hair, your scalp will be much more sensitive to sunburn. Please remember to use sunscreen to protect your scalp. Chemotherapy can also make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure.


I have partnered with Children with Hair Loss Organization, they provide free wigs to children under 21 going through any medical hair loss issue. I agree to provide my services for free to maintain their wig as long as they need it. This is a non-profit organization taking care of our youngest of clients to achieve an authentic look they are used to having.


Laser Hair Restoration Therapy

In the early stages of hair loss typically are the best results from Low Level Laser Therapy, the LLLT can decrease hair loss while re-growing hair requires a longer process. FDA approved devices.

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